Beat the bounce with the right equestrian bra

That feeling when you know you're not riding in the right bra... 😐

As you know, too much movement can make even the most gifted horsewoman look like a mess. Not to mention that niggling feeling of doom that you're causing irreversible damage to your breasts 👎

Getting the right bra for riding is not cheap - but it's an investment you need to make. Without proper support you'll damage fragile breast tissue and saggy boobs aren't on anyone's wish list. 

On this topic, unfortunately there are no cheap fixes or life hacks - it's something you cant take short cuts with.

It goes without saying that you should be wearing a sports bra, not a 'normal bra' every time you ride. If you need hard evidence - normal bras reduce movement by 38% whereas a well fitting sports bra will reduce movement by 80%.

Things to consider when choosing an equestrian bra:

• Coverage: Reduce breast bounce and displacement with a full coverage bra. Cleavage is NOT something to aim for with a riding bra.

• Band:  The bra's band is responsible for supporting your breasts and controlling the bounce.  It needs to fit firmly (more so than your everyday bra) and not move up and down your back when you ride.

• Straps: Shoulder straps add stability, but should not take the weight of your breasts. Over-tightening the straps can cause you to hunch your shoulders and affect your posture in the saddle.

• Comfort: For the best support, get a snug fitting band rather than too tight straps.  A racer-back style can be handy if you find your bra straps slip while you ride.

• Silhouette: Some riders want their 'ladies' to be as flat as possible. Others embrace their feminine shape and dont mind a shapely appearance.

For a flatter look, choose a bra that compresses the breast tissue against your chest.  Alternatively if you prefer a more defined shape look for a bra that encapsulates each breast separately.

A matter of colour...

To get the most out of your bra, opt for a neutral shade.

Admittedly, some of these colours aren't all that cute and possibly a bit frumpy.

Buuttttt...when you're out and about at a competition, you want the judge to focus on you - not the patterned bra they can see under your shirt.

With our climate, you never know when you'll be without a jacket at a competition or clinic so stick with a 'sensible' shade.

You'll thank yourself when you get the photos later.

Freya Active Core Underwired Sports Bra. Not the prettiest but one of the most practical bras for horse riding.

Buying a sports bra

We've partnered with to give you an exclusive equestrian discount (see below for more info).

This new Aussie business is an online store with a HUGE range of bras suitable for riders.

On the Sportsbrasdirect website you'll experience:

  • Filters to choose by colour, size, style, features & more. 
  • A massive range to suit all sizes. The range goes from A cup size up to HH cup size and back sizes from 6 - 26. 
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  • Free, no-fuss returns. 
  • Comprehensive fitting advice and live chat. 

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What's better? They have a dedicated equestrian category on their website - so why not check it out here.


Easily select your bra by filtering by cup size, back size, colour, features and impact level.


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