Cheap, delicious & healthy: Making probiotics for horses

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria (the good guys) which occur naturally in the hind gut and help support digestive health and important fermentation process of your horses’s feed.

The benefits of probiotics are widespread and rather than pay big prices for probiotics for your horses,  you can very inexpensively make your own.

Health benefits of probiotics:

  • Improved digestion. Horses rely heavily on fermentation to digest their food. A healthy balance of gut bacteria will have a direct impact on how efficiently they digest their food.
  • Probiotics can reduce the risk of digestive upsets and colic.
  • Can help with diarrhea by decreasing the toxic bacteria.

Making your own probiotics for horses:


Kefir sounds utterly disgusting – but is an extremely nourishing source of probiotics. There are two main types of kefir – water kefir and milk kefir.

For horses, we recommend making water kefir. There are about a gazillion recipes for making water kefir on the net so we’re not going to repeat one here. You can check out this recipe though.

Dosage: Once your kefir has fermented (usually it takes 2 – 3 days) we suggest adding half a cup to each feed.

Lacto-fermented oats or lupins:

To make lacto-fermented oats or lupins for a horse with suspected ulcers (or even a healthy horse), add a little water kefir to the grains and leave for two days to brew.

Dosage: Feed 100gs of oats or lupins to the horse daily.


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