Choosing figure flattering equestrian wear ~ Casual

Finding flattering equestrian wear...

We all know that equestrian clothing can be very 'unforgiving' and a lot of it is downright unflattering 😢

However, when you understand which shapes, styles and colours will suit you best - you can make sure that your riding wardrobe is as flattering (and stylish) as possible. 


Jodhpurs, breeches & tights 

When choosing breeches, jodhpurs or tights DONT get suckered into cheaper brands with thin material.
  • Firstly they'll become see-through after a few washes,
  • Secondly thinner riding pants will lose their shape quickly 
  • Thirdly, thin material is much more brutal for showing the dreaded dimples 😱
 Darker colours are generally more flattering that bright or patterned pants (more on that below). 
Depending on your shape - don’t be afraid to experiment with different waists. For a rounder figure, a high waisted pair or breeches or tights will elongate your body. ‘Ruler’ body types can create some shape with breeches or pants that sit lower on the hip. 
Performa Ride 'Balmain' tights in black or ink blue.


Even if you're a curvy girl, don't be tempted to wear oversized or loose, boxy shirts. 
It might be tempting to hide behind a larger shirt but a well fitting top will accentuate your shape and be far more flattering.
After all, if you wear something that’s shaped like a tent, you’ll look like a tent
This is not to say that a super tight, suction shirt will be the best look either. However, a well-fitting shirt will elongate your whole body. 
A well cut V-neck, standard collar or polo shirt can make you look 5 kilos lighter. This is especially true for larger busted ladies who generally don’t suit a ratcatcher or high ruffle collar. 
The stylish Luana Ladies Polo from Kingsland Equestrian


Jackets & Vests

 Jackets that are hip-length with tailored will look sleek.
Ones that are too baggy might make you look like a puffer fish (especially if the wind picks up while you’re riding). 
Tapered jackets will whittle your waist and make you appear more svelte. 
Shapely silhouette on this Stockholm Equestrian Jacket


Belts: High quality accessories like this belt can be your best friend. They can really ‘finish’ a smart riding outfit. 
Bras: We cant say enough about selecting the right bra. We’ve written a whole article on that which you can read here.
Bling: Be strategic with bling & detailing. Don’t place it where you don’t want undue attention. I.e. bedazzled bling on the pocket of your breeches will draw attention to your bum.
Depending on whether you want to flaunt your booty or not, this may or may not be a good thing 😉 
It's all in the detail.... High quality accessories will always add a touch of class to your outfit.


This one’s a no-brainer - but darker colours will ALWAYS make you look slimmer. If all black is too boring for you, you can add a splash of colour on your shirt (like the Kingsland Equestrian shirt above). 
Unless you have supermodel legs that go for days - brightly coloured breeches, tights or jodhpurs will not be as flattering as darker colours. 
Furthermore, wearing all one colour will also lengthen and elongate your figure. 
A word about stripes. Remember that vertical stripes are ALWAYS more flattering than horizontal stripes. 

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