Game Changing Equestrian Socks

Christian Dior once said ‘Real elegance is everywhere. Especially in the things that don’t show’

Granted, he probably meant lacey underwear rather than equestrian socks – but it still rings true.

I LOVE that feeling of peeling on matching, purpose made equestrian socks when I get the chance.

There’s something about that toe wiggle gets me in the right riding mindset before I’ve even reached the stables.

Unfortunately, my current sock stash leaves a little to be desired… and I’m in fierce denial about the ‘once-were-nice-but-now-not-so-much’ pairs that I refuse to retire.

So it was a MOST welcome opportunity to review new sock brand Two White Socks.

From the first click onto their website – it was a feast for happy feets!

The prints are obscenely cute and a welcome change from the done-to-death argyle pattern!

If you love things bold, bright and cute AF – then this website deserves your attention 😍

equestrian socks

From Pug Life, to Pizza Passion and Dancing Avocados… it was one of those ‘I actually want them all’ moments.

Pretty prints aside, you can tell these socks have been designed by someone that actually rides.

The upper bit of the sock is nylon which is thin but strong and allows the the printing to be super bright and sharp. The foot part is made from soft cotton, which is breathable and minimises foot stink… not that any of us are stinky foot folk 😳🤣

Our Two White Socks have become solid sock-drawer favourites!

Check out some of our pics below and their delicious Instagram account here.


Vibrancy and trendiness aside these socks are also the most softest, stretchiest and thinnest that I now own and I can confidently say that these cute little dancing avo socks are my new favourite! ~ Maya


Loved the cool patterns! Especially the unicorn ones! ~ Karen


Currently riding in my delicious watermelons, they kept me cool, are super comfy and don’t move at all! ~ Mel

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