‘Leg Ups for Start Ups’ – let’s hear it for small business!

Do you ever see an equine small business and think you yourself  ‘I wish more people knew about that’?

It could be home-made saddle racks, bespoke brow bands or something totally different. Maybe it’s a source of incredible hay, or a farrier that actually turns up on time 😂

We’re talking about the little equestrian businesses, not the big corporations…

We’ll help these guys along with a plug on our Facebook Page in a new feature called ‘Leg Ups for Start Ups’

Make sure you check out our featured businesses below 👇

The type of equine small business we’d like to plug…

  • Home-made or bespoke products.
  • Small businesses that are just starting out.
  • Unique products that really satisfy a need, with a preference for home-made products.
  • Startups  based anywhere in Australia (we’ll try and showcase businesses in different regions each week).

How to nominate a Start Up.

Send us 100(ish) words about the amazingness of this equine small business.  What it does and why it blows your hair back 👍

Include a few photos of their radness.

Include their contact details and/or link to their Facebook Page.

Specify if they operate in a particular region or if they can send their products around Australia.

Send this info to us via email. (With the subject line Leg Ups for Start Ups)

P.S. Self nominations are completely A-OK (we get that you need to do the hard yards to get the word out there).

What if you’re a slightly bigger equine small business?

For the bigger players – we offer other services including:

  • Product Reviews – with articles posted on our website. Reviews are conducted by our our reviewers who come from all over Australia, with different equine interests.
  • Sponsored posts – for organisations wanting awareness through the traffic on our website.
  • Advertising – with options for banner ads & social media partnerships.

If you’d like to receive information about these options, please check out this page.

While you’re here – please check out our first ‘Leg Ups For Start Ups’ 👇

(Click on the image to see the actual FB post)






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