Gloves for riders who hate wearing gloves

'Whenever I wear equestrian gloves I feel as though I don't have the right contact with my horse's mouth'

You're certainly not the first rider to baulk at the idea of wearing gloves. You've probably tried a few times but just can't deal with that icky 'clunky finger' feel...

Aside from protecting your hands there are a few other compelling reasons to persist with gloves...

  • Because gloves get a better grip than fingers alone - you'll get a lighter contact with your horse's mouth. This is because there is less tension in your hands (as you work less to grip the reins). 
  • For consistency: Anyone who's ridden a sweaty or wet horse knows how frustrating it is when reins slide through your hands. Gloves stop that happening.
  • N.B. The fit & design of gloves will affect the quality of contact. The best gloves should fit like second skins and you should be able to ride in them all day.

With this in mind, we went looking for a pair of gloves that would give that 'second skin' feeling. Aussie company EMCEE Apparel volunteered to put their performance gloves to the test.

So we got Maya & Claudia to take them for a test drive...

Maya & Claudia test out the EmCee Equestrian Gloves

My first impression of these gloves was that they looked to be very soft, breathable and well made.

EMCEE Equestrian gloves feature a palm of soft, black leather with red neoprene/lycra in between the fingers for a non slip and durable grip. The outside of the glove is black mesh and the wrist closure is a velcro tab.

The subtle pop of red is enough to add a bit of colour to your outfit without becoming an unnecessary statement piece, and therefore are also an ideal option for the fashion conscious rider. 


How are they to ride in?

According to Claudia:

These gloves offer excellent grip with a close contact feel!

I also love the stretchy mesh backing which provides awesome breathe-ability and flexibility - it makes them lovely to ride in. Despite the fact they're lightweight  - they're really good quality and I don't see them wearing out any time soon.

For a $55, these gloves are a great investment! 

According to Maya:

My first impression of these gloves was that they looked to be very soft and breathable and quite well made.

They were a tiny bit big for my hands but still great to ride in! The cooling effect of the mesh fabric on the outside of the glove was pleasant and they gave me a nice, light contact with the reins. 

For riders that don’t particularly like the restrictive feel that some gloves offer, these gloves will be excellent due to their light weight feel.


Is there room for improvement?

Maya: If there was a little more scope to tighten the velcro tabs, then I could have pulled them up to compensate for the extra length - but it's really no big deal. 

Claudia: I think they're awesome and will be recommending these next time someone says to me how much they hate riding in gloves - they give such a good feel!


For More Product Info...

EMCEE Apparel is a family owned and run company based near Windsor on the outskirts of Sydney. 

You can find out more about their incredible performance gloves at their website here


Maya and Claudia put the EMCEE Gloves through their paces...


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