HUSK Equine Technology: Performance horse boots review

So.. a bit of background first.

My boy, Spide degloved his hind leg as a yearling and since then there’s been issue after issue. The scar is pretty big and the skin is paper thin, which makes fitting boots a nightmare. Boots are usually not big enough to cover the scar and usually they rub- which aggravates the scar. 

Tedious much? 🙄

So the mission was to find a set of lightweight, cooling,  protective and well designed boots.

That’s not asking too much is it? 😉

HUSK: Performance horse boots with scientific backing

When I found the new boot brand, HUSK – i was pleased to see that they had scientific testing to validate their claims. They have super lightweight boots (only 160g!) and had put the boots through their paces with impact testing and thermal imaging.

It seems like they value technology over the ‘prettiness’ of the boots – and that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

I ordered through their Australian distributor, Proactive Animal Health and they arrived the next morning. Not kidding – how good is that for customer service? Also a shoutout to Bianca for going above and beyond to dig out a set in the right size 🙌

TBH, when I opened them – I loved the lightweight feel and the 3D material looked great but I was sceptical about the finish on the bindings. I was sure it would rub on his scar.

The verdict

So it turns out…They’re perfect!

No rubbing, complete protection AND they keep Spide’s legs cool. I’ve been using them every ride since I got them (sometimes up to 2 hrs at a time). I’m really happy with them!

The removable liners help protect his legs from sand and grass seeds that get in through the honeycomb outer shell. According to the company the liners can be machine washed- something I am yet to try out  however will definitely be giving it a go for convenience.

A little aside on money…

Have you seen how freakin’ expensive some brands of boots are?

I don’t have the funds to buy multiple brands to try and hope for the best.  That’s why I did so much research on this brand in the first place. 

I got my HUSK boots for $144 – which isn’t too bad for a set of 4. A lot of the other performance horse boots brands I checked out were charging that just for 2.

If you’re interested in the technology side of things, rather than just the ‘pretty factor’ of boots – you should check out their website. The scientific side of it is fascinating!

P.S here are some pics of my new boots 👇

performance horse boots review

performance horse boots review

performance horse boots review


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I’m getting back into riding after about a 7 year break. My home bred 4yo ASH gelding is ‘Ghostgum Macey’s Memory’ aka Spide.

I’ve always been a bit of an allrounder mainly hacking and ASH events. In future I will get into eventing as it’s what i’ve always wanted to do!

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