How to stop your stuff jingle-jangling when you ride

So you’re all set for your ride…You’ve got your phone, gate keys, lip balm all jammed into your pockets.

Then whaddya know?

You start warming up and all your gear starts jingle-jangling around in your vest. You try and move a few things to your hip pocket.. but then your keys start digging in to your side..

You might pop a few things down near the gate… making a mental note to not forget to pick them… But what a pain!

If you you know these feels – then the Flipbelt will be ideal for you


What is The Flipbelt?

Originally designed for runners, this nifty little gadget is now becoming popular with horse riders.

It’s basically a stretchy sleeve with compartments to hold all your important stuff while you’re on the go.

It’s kinda like a sleek, discreet bum-bag that doesn’t thump around while you ride.


How it works:

Since I’ve had my Flipbelt I haven’t ridden without it. On a usual day it contains my phone, keys and gate buzzer with plenty of room for more.

  • The snug, tube design means that none of my stuff bounces around while I’m riding.
  • It’s actually really comfy. I often forget I’m wearing it.
  • I cant wait to have it for my next competition! It’s slim enough to fit under my competition wear and it will make for a much better peace of mind – rather than leaving my valuables at the float.
  • They’re available in a heap of styles and colours- ideal for even the most die hard ‘matchy matchy’ fiends.


Mel’s recommendations:

Flipbelts are more expensive than some other similar products (Flipbelt starts at $44).

However, I did try a similar, cheaper version before I bought my Flipbelt.  It stretched, came undone and the seams started splitting with two weeks – so I think Flipbelts are worth the extra few dollars.

Flipbelts can be purchased at , use the code FB10 to get a 10% discount AND free shipping.

Enjoy! I’d love to hear whether you love yours as much as I love mine 😀 


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