Can you feed horses the pool salt from Bunnings?

First up… you’re probably not feeding enough salt

A pinch of salt is definitely not enough. No where near it.

Australian equine nutrition experts recommend 2 tablespoons of salt (about 50 g or so) for horses on a daily basis. That recommendation increases to SIX tablespoons in hot weather or when they’re in heavy work.

That’s an awful lot!

Where’s the best place to get salt for horses?

If you buy one of those salt drums or bulk packs from the supermarket – it will set you back $3.

If your horse is in hard work – or if it’s summer – that will last you around 5 days. That’s going to cost you about $220 a year in salt.

Let’s not even get started on the fancier-than-though Himalayan Salt 😂


However, there’s a better, cheaper way to get your salt in bulk. It comes from the pool section at your local Bunnings….

Sunray Pool Salt is pure, evaporated salt – and it comes in a 25kg bag for just $7.90.

That’s about 14 months of salt, for one horse – for less than $8.


Don’t be alarmed by the ‘Pool Salt’ label… there’s no chlorine or scary ingredients in there – just make sure you read up carefully if you choose a different brand

Why you really should bother….

If you’re going to supplement just one thing for your horse. Make it salt.

The idea that horses will get what they need from a salt block and pasture is not supported by research.

The best way to supplement salt is in feed – ideally a few times a day. In addition, it’s a good idea to have  a bucket of loose salt in the paddock – but don’t rely on it alone.

Next time you go to Bunnings – this is the shiz you want 👇


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