Implementing the Equicentral System – Part One

Recently I bought a small property, and as any horse lover would understand - I am absolutely THRILLED to have my horses living with me.

 Unfortunately this place is completely infested with weeds. 
Now, I know that weeds can be a subjective term - but this is just ridiculous. 
Yep, that’s my head and I’m not kneeling.
Like most people, I want my horses to be as happy as possible. I also really care about restoring my new parcel of land to the healthiest it can be.
I'd heard a few mentions of the Equicentral System and figured it was at least worth considering.
Even if I didn’t buy  land that was completely suffocated in weeds, I would have been interested in implementing the Equicentral system.
When I first got hold of the Equicentral e-books, I wanted to skip the intro and get stuck straight into this transformation. 
I’m actually so glad I didn’t.
The first book is called Horse Ownership: Responsible, Sustainable & Ethical and it's been such a refreshing read. It was like flicking a ‘reset’ switch that made me think about horse management in a sensible, non-egotistical way.
Embarrassingly, I've realised that in my previous horsey life I was motivated by sense of misplaced validation.
I wanted the shiniest horse, the best gear and the fattest stack of sashes to prove how dedicated I was.
To me, the traditional, ‘British Pony Club’ style of horsemanship was THE things were done. Stables, rugs, fancy gear and anything related to 'correctness'.. you name it, I NEEDED it to be a good horse person.
This book has really opened my mind to letting horses be horses - not blindly following a stuffy tradition. 

The Equicentral Perspective

If like me, you've ever felt like a sub-standard horse owner because your horse is outside (in the blustering cold) and not snugly stabled, fetlocks deep in squishy shavings...
 Then this is worth reading.
What about keeping horses in private paddocks to provide a higher level of care?
Well ring-a-ding-ding... it turns out that doing this is more a punishment than a privilege for horses. 

This book is crammed full of concepts that will really get your mind bending.

To me it's been FASCINATING learning.
Once I understood the reasons behind the 'traditional' way of doing things it all started to make sense. It's also left the door wide open for me to implement a system which is much better for horses, humans and the land
On that note... The advice is seriously practical from a human perspective especially when it comes to budget and time constraints. 
I've got a HUGE task ahead of me with this property - and very limited cash to do it with. The practical, sensible advice actually makes me feel like it can happen.
The only thing I need to find now is some patience...
If you're interested in managing your horses in a more practical, horse centric way, then stay tuned as I start applying the Equicentral theories to my new property. 
For more information about this concept (and to read the first chapter for free!) check out the website here. 
To see how other people are applying the concept then also visit the Facebook Group.  Unlike pretty much every other horsey group on Facebook this one is friendly & constructive (and maaan I hope it stays that way!). 
This is my little mate, Berry... Unrugged and living fetlocks-deep in weeds.
Jemima lives in regional Victoria and will be attempting this project on a seriously limited budget. She highly doubts the photos of her property in progress will ever be shown on the glossy pages of a British Pony Club Society Handbook.

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