How to write a compelling sale ad for your horse

How do you write a kick-arse 'Horse for Sale' ad to make the selling process as painless as possible?

Aside from including the basics like age, breed, height, colour etc here are some 'dos and donts' to get the right buyers lining up at the door..


1. Be honest.

We all know that every horse has a quirk or two… 

If you’re upfront with  their quirks it will help gain the trust of any potential buyers.


2. Use the best quality photos.

Grainy pics of you jumping a 44-gallon drum in the backyard generally aren’t that great... It's worth splashing out on professional photos - because they really do make all the difference.

And DEFINITELY don’t use stolen photos from a photographer. A) It's bad form and B) it shows that you're a little ‘under-handed’. 


3. Stay away from over-used terms

For example:

Instead of 'bombproof' give specific examples of the horse’s quietness.

Instead of 'established paces’ be descriptive…


4. Don’t be cagey about the price.

How stupid is it when you see numerous comments on a sale post all saying 'What's the price please' and the OP has responded to them all saying 'PM'd you'

Come on! If we're grown up enough to have a horse for sale, we're grown up enough to be upfront about the price. 


5. Don’t bother with mysterious terms like 'Genuine reason for sale’.

What even does that mean?

Just say that the rider has outgrown the pony, or that you cant afford to keep the horse anymore. 


6. Expressions of Interest...

If you finish your ad with 'Not for sale right now, just putting it out there to see if anyone is interested’… you may as well not have bothered.

It indicates that you're not serious about selling and quite happy to waste people's time while you do some research into your horse's worth. 


7. Buyers don't need a bibliography of results

When it comes to results, you should list some results but you don't need to list every single one.

Just highlight any major placings and results that show versatility (i.e dressage placings and show jumping placings). 


8. Tell a (truthful) story…

Ads are more readable if you paint a picture for the buyer…For example:

Merv came to me, straight off the track  2 years ago. Since then we've learnt about the wonders of dressage and extensions are proving to be his new favourite thing. 

...Is a whole lot more intriguing than:

5 year old TB. Briefly raced and is now training dressage with three established paces.  


9. Identify the horse’s ideal new rider but don't be too 'exclusive'. 

For example don’t say ‘suited to a teen rider’ - because the horse could be just as suitable for an adult rider. 




What can you add to this list? Specifically what would you suggest to someone looking to write their first horse sale ad? 


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